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Sarah Jones travelled the world as a TV journalist, and now she wants Media students at Coventry University to do the same – whether that means jumping on an aeroplane, or learning to fly with their phones.

At the Summer 2015 conference of the Association for Journalism Education – which she co-organised – she was interviewed about teaching students to be creative with the latest technologies, and the importance of giving them international experience.

Her past work has included the Global News Project, which sees students in several countries working together, helped by her own experience of reporting in America.

She travelled across the United States, covering the election campaigns for Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton.

Sarah started work as Associate Head of Media at Coventry in the summer of 2015, with the job of building up global activities for staff and students.

Watch Sarah’s full interview:

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Sarah on international experience: 

“It’s so important for students to have international experience… it helps their employment prospects, it changes their outlook, and they can really see that there’s a much bigger world out there for them to engage with. It helps them become global graduates.”

Sarah on technology:

“You can’t really embrace technology unless you are a creative person, always thinking of new ways to do things. What can I do by using my mobile phone? I can broadcast anywhere. With my Apple watch I can use the remote camera function. It does allow you to be a lot more creative. But still you need those core journalistic skills.”

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Simon Pipe is a former print and BBC journalist, now a member of the Journalism teaching team at Coventry University. He also runs an experimental website, St Helena Online, about one of the world's most remote inhabited islands, at On Twitter, when he has something to say, he is @simonpipe

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