Recent Graduates in International Photography Festival

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The 15th China Pingyao International Photography Festival will be taking place between 19th and 25th September 2015, and features selected works by four of our 2015 graduates!

Siyana Yanarova & Natalia Fadejeva, Aaron Sehmar and Rebecca Woodall will have their work exhibited alongside other students from other selected UK institutions:

This exhibition introduces for the second time at the Pingyao International Photography Festival, the photographic work of tertiary students from eleven selected universities in the UK. The work selected, features undergraduate to doctoral level and aims to provide a snapshot of the new questioning and innovative approaches taking place right now by young British photographers.

What comes through in selecting this work, is a real sense of enquiry into what is going on inside and beyond, the camera. The exhibition offers an overview of the concerns and interests of these new practitioners, contextualising a spectrum of interest, from commercial through to conceptual approaches.

In asking questions about the nature of images and the role of digital technology we are forced to re-think how pictures are consumed and shared whilst interrogating just what exactly does constitute a photograph in the 21st century?

The exhibition has been curated by Dr Sian Bonnell, Associate Professor of Photographic Concepts at Falmouth University.

PIP Festival 2015

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