#PICBOD and #PHONAR2016 have signed off for another year.

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It has been a busy final term this year for all three year groups what with the final projects for the third years, gearing up to the degree show and also for the first and second years with our open classes Picbod and Phonar.

For the first years, Picbod has been an exciting and intensive seven weeks – learning about, discussing and responding to themes based around Picturing the Body.  The activity has been taking place on campus and online through our Google+ community and website pages.  To celebrate all their hard work the first years staged a photo-hub takeover on Friday 20th May, where they showcased their final pieces and invited everyone to see and participate in the work produced.



The second years have been working with Photography and Narrative – Phonar. They have been responding to Aperture’s book ‘The Photographer’s Playbook’, which set them up for an action-packed journey into different ideas, perspectives and experiments into constructing different narratives with images.

They have been tweeting and instagramming their task responses and produced highly creative and thought-provoking pieces of work.  The designs for their publication, which will be a collective response to the Playbook tasks, is in full swing – watch this space!

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