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On Wednesday 14th October, CU Photography students from all three year groups met up for Photobook day, where we explored books, followed the #photobookday tweets and discovered more about what we love about books.

Evan Merner, 2nd year Photography student, who submitted a write-up of the day for #photography magazine said:

To celebrate World Photobook Day in Coventry, we had a meet-up for both students and lecturers to come together and share our chosen photobooks. The latest ‘box of dummies’ (part of the Photobook club) was also in attendance, which meant that overall we were treated to more than 30 amazing books to enjoy on the night.

The box of dummies is a really great opportunity to discover completely new bodies of work and for those that get easily excited by beautiful new books, there’s something brilliant about unwrapping the dummies from the bubble wrap and turning to that first page. It’s also a really great way to view photobooks that don’t follow the more traditional structure.

Whilst we were all excited to open up the box of dummies, the meet up also allowed us to show people what we were interested in individually as we all brought along one (or more) photobook to share.

The best bit about the meet-up was the opportunity to find a brand-new book that you really loved…and in turn, a new photographer. Discovering something you love amongst people who were equally passionate about the books they were discovering for themselves. Browsing through the collection of books we had at our dispersal and scanning the table in order to choose the next book was actually sort of addicting…. Perhaps everyday should be World Photobook day.

To read Evan’s full article, that includes reviews of the books that she selected go to the blog page of the #photography magazine website.

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