Jason Tilley talks about ‘Imagine Hillfields’

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Photographer Jason Tilley joined 2nd year photography students to discuss the ‘Imagine Hillfields’ project and work with students on their Community, Culture and Identity module (CCI).

Coventry-born Tilley joined the students on Friday to discuss his recent Arts council-funded project ‘Imagine Hillfields’. The project, in association with the University of Warwick, is part of a national project looking at the ways society imagines its present and future, and involved the photographic archives of different Coventry-based Photographers, including John Blakemore, Richard Sadler and Masterji.  For more information and to see more of the images featured in the show go to the Community, Culture and Identity module #openmedia blog.

The Exhibition of ‘Imagine Hillfields’ was shown in Fargos, in Coventry, during August.

Jason spent the day here with the students talking about the work as well as his own photographic response.  He also talked about what is involved in setting up this kind of project – such as the funding and curation of the work.  During the day Jason also set a task for the students to undertake –  to discover areas of Coventry that were once the location of Coventry’s music scene such as ‘Tiffany’s’ and the Matrix Ballroom.  To find out about the student’s responses go to the current gallery on the module blog.


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