BA (Hons) Photography at Coventry University is a photography degree built for the 21st century. Through our dynamic programme of study, students are empowered with technical skills, critical knowledge and professional experience to establish a career using photography as a tool for creative expression and visual communication. Collaboration, facilitation and experimentation are at the heart of the course ethos, with students engaged as co-creators of learning situations and approaches tailored to develop their specialist photographic knowledge. This includes taking part in the open photography classes delivered on the course with contributions from networks of photographers and experts from across the globe. Classrooms are opened up at every level of the degree, enabling learning to take place alongside professional practitioners, international subject specialists and wider learning communities. By graduation, students are technologically fluent, theoretically literate, critically rigorous and context aware, prepared to take their place as the future of the photographic medium.

BA (Hons) Photography at Coventry University supports the achievement of excellence in independent research and prepares individuals to make a significant impact on their lives, their communities, and the professional photography industries they choose to work in.

The teaching staff on the Photography programme are all highly respected professionals, internationally recognised for the excellence of their work in the editorial, commercial and visual arts worlds. Our open and connected classes, #picbod and #phonar, are internationally recognised, enabling students to directly engage with communities of photographers and professional opportunities worldwide.

The course team includes Anthony LuveraMatt Johnston, Caroline Molloy,  Gemma-Rose TurnbullPaul Smith, Jon Legge and Emma Lambert.



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