Who Polices the Police?

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Today sees the release of a new one hour documentary ‘Who Polices the Police?’ directed by Coventry University media production lecturer Ken Fero and crewed by media production students.

Ken Fero says: “This new documentary features the case of Sean Rigg whose inquest ended today with a damning verdict on the excessive restraint by police officers that lead to Sean’s death on in the custody area of Brixton Police Station. The radical documentary, filmed over 4 years combines interviews with an experimental poetic approach and also uses original music. It’s a highly critical piece targeting the police self investigation, elements of the state as well as popular and bourgeois media. The film moves from highly emotional verite to quotes by Chairman Mao and George Orwell and contains disturbing CCTV footage of Sean Rigg’s death.”

Ken adds, “I would like to thank the following students from the BA and MA courses in Media Production as well as Fine Art who contributed to this project: Diana Hentulescu, Abu Mukid, Olatunji Lawrence, Joshua Kelly, Thomas Barnes, Gailene Pierre and Edina Toth. Thanks also to staff member Paul Adkins for his assistance”

Watch Who Polices the Police? online now.


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