To boldy go… students to produce NASA film

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A group of media students plan to visit Kennedy Space Centre with the aim of producing a short documentary film about NASA’s past, and future.

The group from Coventry University’s Media Production, Photography and Journalism courses will travel to Florida’s Space Coast in October supported by the university’s Centre for Global Engagement, and have been granted exclusive access to restricted areas of Kennedy Space Centre and interviews with NASA employees. Their interest is in the current moment of NASA’s history, the advent of commercial space travel, the retiring of the Space Shuttle and NASA’s ambitious plans to venture further into the universe towards Mars.

Media Production tutor and group leader Ross Varney adds: “NASA is universally recognised and an incredibly potent symbol of the American dream so as media producers we’re interested in this period of transition for NASA and whether the pioneer spirit that led to its most famous acomplishments is still alive in it’s plans for the future and to perhaps ask the question – are astronauts still important?”

Based in Titusville, the group will also be exhibiting their media work at the annual Arts & Algorithms digital festival that features interactive digital art installations, short film screenings, performances and educational seminars. They will be live editing their NASA documentary during the festival, as well as running talks for visitor groups and filming promotional material.

The production team hope to have the short documentary completed by Dec 2015 and aim to enter it into competition by early 2016.

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