Students to follow in the footsteps of movie legends

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A group of final year media production students are headed to Spain’s Tabernas desert to film a Western.

‘Black Hill’ is a story set in the American west during the civil war, and centres around a confederate solider confronting his prejudiced views when a stranger comes to his aid.

Famous for having been the location for many of Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Westerns starring Clint Eastwood, the Tabernas desert provides the perfect landscape to evoke the wild west and tell such period stories. As director Jim Peakman says:

“The Tabernas desert in Spain is the only true desert in Europe and is perfect for doubling as the land of the American west. Westerns that have influenced me as a film maker have been shot in Tabernas so I thought it would be great to film in the same location as these films. The landscapes are a spectacle in themselves and will bring a grand scale feel for this relatively low budget production”

This film represent’s the crew’s final degree project, but they also have big plans for it beyond university.

“When the film is complete, we hope to get it into the festival circuit. Starting with small local ones to gain word of mouth and some reviews. Whilst the film is doing the local circuit we will be building a fund for a marketing campaign to send it off to the bigger festivals.”

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