Shooting hoops and spinning loops, media adventures in New York

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In March a group of media production students set out for New York with a variety of media projects and ideas ready to be realised. Reflecting on their first trip to the city,  here’s what a few of those students had to say about their experiences and the projects they worked on whilst there.

Ryan Ives, Third year Media Production student
In March, we had the fantastic opportunity to visit NYC to gain some professional experience as well as to experience some of the city itself. During the week got to take part in some truly memorable experiences and witness the diversity of New York culture first hand. We filmed local basketball players in the shadow of the majestic Freedom Tower, it was one of those places where completely different worlds collide in a brilliant and wonderful way, you couldn’t place a basketball court in many more unique places, and we captured some great footage of the players messing around and practising while lanes of cars drove past and the huge structure loomed in the background.

Emine Arabaci, First year Media Production student
One word I would use to describe New York, ALIVE. It was an amazing experience to be able to go out there and create. It’s not just about the food, the culture or the attractions. It was about being able to put myself out there; out of my comfort zone, to be in a place I have never been before and to be able to produce something while thinking on my feet. I think it’s an incredibly necessary skill to have in the contemporary media industry and New York definitely sparked my creativity. 

Laura Mobbs & Charley Fletcher, Second Year Media Production students

Joe Canty, Third year Media Production student

A major reason for visiting New York was to film a documentary looking at the recent resurgence in vinyl record sales and ‘Record Store Day that began in the US and is trying to revive interest in vinyl records again by creating a day of special releases and events. We visited independent record stores out in Brooklyn and Manhattan’s Lower East side to contribute to the film and they were mostly happy to be interviewed by us and share their experiences. Although I was a little anxious prior to the trip, I achieved everything I hoped to obtain for my film and as a bonus we also got to visit the incredibly moving 9/11 Memorial and Museum, travelled to the top of the Empire State Building twice, both in the day and at night, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, were fascinated by the Museum Of Natural History and ventured through Central Park.

Times Square at Night

Ethan Shi, Second year Media Production student
It’s true when they call New York a cinematic city, through filming & photographing sites like the 9/11 Memorial, Rockefeller Centre, Empire State Building, Times Square, and The Statue of Liberty, you get a clear idea of how culturally and architecturally diverse the city is. I was also able to visit NBC Studio, Radio City Hall & the Moving Image Museum which helped me acknowledge & appreciate the media industry further. I was also able to make new industry contacts during the trip like Tijana, a freelance broadcast journalist that’s worked in the broadcasting industry for over 10 years and who kindly offered me professional work experience for the future.






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