Film festival goes behind the screen

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Media Production students will take over Leamington Spa’s VUE Cinema this Friday as part of their final degree project.

The mini film festival will celebrate the work of this years graduating filmmakers and includes a special immersive site-specific event, a short horror film called ‘Behind the Screen‘ that is both set in Leamington Spa VUE Cinema and will be screened to audiences in the same space. 

Talking about the inventive film, Behind the Screen co-producers Ryan Ives and Jack Dewar told us they hope to “re-engage waning film enthusiasts who miss the days when horror was more than just meaningless jump scares and unrelenting gore. We love a clever film, which plays with its audience, and feel that the horror genre is geared towards this atmosphere of mystery and suspense. By combining these factors we hope to breathe new life into the genre”.

The event has been gathering plenty of interest in the local news and BBC radio, and the eclectic lineup of short films and documentaries screens this Friday 15th May, with tickets available in advance from the official website or on the door £3.50 for students and £4.50 for adults.

Full film lineup:


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