Exploring Amsterdam’s rich culture

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A group of year 2 and 3 Media Production students recently visited Amsterdam on a research and production field trip.

Students were working on a variety of tasks ranging from interactive documentary projects, fiction film, a documentary on home schooling, and photography projects. Interviews were conducted with activists, politicians, artists and the general public. There were also spontaneous, planned and accidental visits to Amsterdam’s canonical galleries such as the Van Gogh museum, Museum of Modern Art and Design, Foam, the Hermitage and the EYE Film Institute, as well as some hidden gems like W139 and the photography of cinematographer Robby Müller at Ed Van der Elsken.

Staff and students also experimented with CCTV sniffing, storytelling at the Mezrab Cultural Centre and many, many a dérive.

Students conducting camera sniffing on the streets of Amsterdam

Images by Rebecca Lee-Peace.


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