Media Production

media production student films a timelapse featuring San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

The media are constantly changing: every month brings a new App, new software or new ways of distributing media. Our Media Production course helps you to understand and take advantage of these changes and to develop the kind of skills that you need to function successfully as a creative media producer in the 21st century.

The course is an exciting practical, hands-on one that develops your skills across a wide-range of media – video, audio, photographic and web-based – at the same time as developing your professional skills. Integrating international and professional experiences in all years of the course, it enables you to start to develop the specific qualities: of imagination, of curiosity, of engagement, of judgement – that you need to become a practicing media professional who gets their work seen amongst all the media content out there.

Tv students at work in the studio

The skills you develop on this course will enable you to consider a wide range of opportunities once you graduate. Students on our course enter the media industries at many levels and in a variety of jobs: as researchers, camera operators editors and new media specialists amongst other things.

The course takes a unique approach to teaching through our ‘open media strategy’ and you will be supported by a range of online learning environments to help you get connected to the knowledge and people you need to learn in the digital landscape.

Students using laptops in a lecture

The Departmental production company – Fresh@CU – provides students with the opportunity for meaningful professional experience from day one. Working with clients ranging from local businesses to blue-chip multinationals such as BMW and Rolls-Royce. Students can gain supported, paid work around the world. After graduation, the Fresh@CU internship scheme and the Departmental jobs app provide on-going support for students.

All the teaching staff have a wealth of industry experience and many years teaching experience. They are all practitioners and all are committed to making sure that the learning environment enables you to reach your full potential. You could be taught by award-winning scriptwriters such as Clifton Stewart, award-winning documentary film-makers such as Ken Fero and internationally-recognised author Mez Packer.

The teaching staff have been so helpful. They are always there, you can ask them about anything and they give you honest feedback. Meera Darji – Student

Our position of 12th in the Guardian League Tables for Media and Film, our student satisfaction score of 95% and our strong showing in the ‘Destination of Leavers in Higher Education’ (DLHE) survey suggest that you leave your course ready to make a real impact in the world of 21st Century media-making.

The broad-based nature of the course means that the range of jobs our students go into is vast and includes television, camerawork, internet, animation, sound recording, editing and photography amongst others. Many students now choose to become freelancers and the success of Fresh@CU, which is staffed entirely by recent graduates, is a testament to the skills that you are able to develop on the course: skills that will sustain you as a media producer upon graduation and beyond.

You can spend three years learning about media production but at Coventry you become a Media Producer – I think that’s what separates us from other courses. Byrony Bingle – Student

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