Unearthing Magaluf’s liminal tribes

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LIDW-logo-image-optimisedWe’re all aware of the reputations surrounding certain holiday destinations, and so it was the job of our Magaluf research group to get under the surface of this seemingly hedonistic Spanish party town and explore how and why people really use this place.

Since arriving back in the UK, the third year group have been busy analysing their findings and working towards their final project presentation. Emma Templeton from the team explained that ‘experiencing Magaluf from a research perspective has been a major learning curve’.Magaluf Image 2

The group were challenged to move beyond the pre-conceptions encouraged by tabloid press and reality TV shows, in order to explore why such a sense of abandonment and uninhibited hedonistic behaviour is concentrated within such a specific place, and what uses it provides its temporary inhabitants. The group are looking at Turner’s work on liminality, and Maffesoli’s conceptions of neotribalism in relation to their research.

To find out more, come and join us for the Living in a Digital World Conference on Tuesday 26th May where all seven of the Media and Communications research groups will be presenting their projects on topics relating to different European cities.

Living in a Digital World Conference

Tuesday 26th May 9.30am – 4pm

Goldstein Lecture Theatre of Alan Berry Building, Coventry University


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