Exploring the digital world in six European cities

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If you want to study the world, you need to get out and see it.

That’s why third-year Media and Communications students have been dispatched to six European cities as part of their Living In A Digital World module.

For 2015, they were bound for Belgrade, Oslo, Milan, Bilbao, Tallinn in Estonia and Magaluf on the island of Majorca. Past students also went to Bosnia (pictured).

None of them as glamorous as Coventry, of course…

Each group was given a brief looking at representation of identities in their particular city, but told to shape their own research. The group in Tallinn looked at how post-feminist discourses are being represented in a former communist state.

Esme Spurling, part of the team heading for Belgrade, said: “We planned to visit the arts and the culture and see how the western shadow has influenced Serbia – if at all.

“We also decided to see whether there had been any closure from the conflict there.

“We lined up interviews with journalists on two radio stations to see how the media has been influenced by the West.

“We’ve also been looking at how students interpret their own culture through visual representations, so we asked them to take photos and arranged to go round with them and do a focus group with them.

“We’ve been using social media to facilitate this. It’s been very exciting.”


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