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It’s that time of year when we celebrate the successes of the action packed Media and Cultural Fields first year module. Students have been kept very busy for weeks with back to back challenges including creating their own radio adverts, zines (hand made specialist magazines), silent short films, and pitching creative ideas for advertising campaigns.

This year we’ve had some excellent pieces, and it was very difficult for the judges to choose winners in each category. The challenge of making a short film that tells a story without any sound was met with some really creative ideas, as was the daunting prospect of acting as an advertising agency to pitch campaigns, Don Draper style!

Stay tuned for some highlights of the students’ fantastic hand crafted zines, to follow soon!

Meanwhile, here’s some photo highlights from the awards ceremony and the pitching sessions.

183 pitches 3


183 pitches 2



The challenges set on this core module are designed to develop further understanding and application of some important core theory and skills, including semiotic analysis, how hegemonic ideology can be encoded through the creative and technical crafting of sound design and cinematic language, how we can effectively relay and justify creative ideas, and how we use market research to back up those ideas.


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