Media Research Seminar: Lovely Play: Getting It On, Or Getting To Know You In Gaming.

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10th February, 1pm – 2.3opm, ET 130

Join us for the next CCM MA Media Research Seminar presented by Dr Esther Maccallum-Stewart discussing her paper on love, sex and sexuality in gaming.

This paper examines some of the representations of love and affection in current games. Whilst many elements seem problematic – mechanics that encourage players to buy or bribe their partner into a ‘loving’ state of matrimony- developers are starting to experiment with representing love and sex in within video games (e.g. The Last of Us, Life is Strange and Loved), as well as within card and boardgames.

Games such as And then We Held Hands and Consentacle experiment on the perimeter of indie gaming, whilst games such as Love Letter and Ladies and Gentlemen use more commonplace design to encourage players to rethink, and play with ideas of love, sex and sexuality. The paper also asks how we can, and should represent these ideas in what has recently been a rather toxic environment. Games are for everybody, so how do we represent such fundamental ideas as love, sex and sexuality with this in mind?

Dr Esther Maccallum-Stewart is a Research Fellow at the Digital Cultures Research Centre, the University of the West of England. Her work examines how players understand and interpret games narratives, and she has written widely on roleplaying, love, sex and sexuality in games. Follow her on Twitter or see more of her work on her website.

Be sure to get there early as spaces tend to fill up quite quickly.

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