MC students experience disability in advertising with Steve Brookes MBE

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Steve Brookes MBE visited us recently to deliver a session on disability within advertising for 240MC students.

Since gaining a civilian MBE at the 1990 Gulf War Awards, Stephen has become a nationally renowned writer and researcher on disability, equality and diversity. He leads awareness raising training, events, and projects, and delivers national presentations. He is the award winning Coordinator of the UK Disability Hate Crime Network and is an Ambassador for Disability Rights UK.

Steve spoke to the students about his experience of being disabled, describing a media landscape where people with his condition are rarely represented, and when they are, they are framed in a largely negative manner. He explained that he saw charity adverts to be a contributing problem as they label disabled people as helpless. Steve then ran a workshop seminar with the students to create adverts for Clark’s Shoes that included disabled people in a positive manner.

 Our students had an hour to sketch out ideas for advertising campaigns, under pressure to deliver goods that industry creatives and copywriters would ordinarily have weeks to produce.


There were some excellent ideas amongst the students, who thoroughly enjoyed the event and managed to impress Steve with their creative skills.



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