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In a competitive employment market, everyone is looking to gain an edge, so it’s great to hear about students who are already streets ahead in developing an identity and a portfolio.

As part of the Professional Experience module on his course, Media & Communications student Adam Teighe set up an outfit, Cyclone, for his freelance and project work. Now in his third year of study, Adam already had plans to start the project by the end of his first year, and then the second year Professional Experience module (201MC) gave him the thinking space to really get serious about it.

Adam explains that ‘I decided to rebrand myself… as a pseudonym portfolio with a web presence’. Since then he has been operating independently – ‘everything I’ve uploaded or created after June 2013 has been solely my content. I’ve gradually refined my image, and I chose to change the public name to ‘CVCLNE’ (still pronounced Cyclone!) as it had not existed before as a hashtag, giving me a bit of a USP and making me easier to find online’.


Adam uses his platform for his own creative work, but is also building up a client base for paid projects. He has produced a promotional video for the UK branch of Coral Club international, which was played at an international trade fair.

Other clients have included the British Psychological Society, for whom Adam produced a teaching resource that will be released alongside their upcoming publication, celebrating 10 years of QMiP (Qualitative Methods in Psychology) Research. The video was shot on campus at UWE, featuring several UK academics.

When Adam graduates in just a few months time, he hopes to continue producing visual content as a freelancer under CVCLNE for various clients, whilst also seeking longer-term job contracts that could run alongside his work.

Adam reflects that ‘setting up the portfolio project has encouraged me to proactively teach myself industry standard skills outside of my studies, giving me an edge as a multi-talented graduate. I am proficient with Adobe’s creative suite, and have acquired skills as a photographer and videographer. However, it was my Media & Communications degree that provided an environment for me to learn independently, not to mention provide a space where I can locate likeminded creatives and professionals’.

All images taken by Adam Teighe.

Further examples of Adam’s work can be found on the CVCLNE Flick’r page and Facebook page.

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