Elizabeth Edwards visits CUMedia for Media Research Seminars series

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On 21st October Professor Elizabeth Edwards visited CUMedia to talk about her research into the family album.  ‘Folded in Time: Thoughts on an Edwardian Family album’ marks the first in a series of talks this academic year for the Media Research Seminars.

This paper explores a photographic album which dates from the early twentieth century and belonged to a middle class family in the north of England. In this album, family and domestic photographs, formal and informal, are interwoven with chromolithographed pages illustrating the material traces of English history. I want to think about how we might understand of such a photographic object as an articulation of layered histories. (Elizabeth Edwards)

The talk was introduced by Senior Lecturer in Photography Caroline Molloy and was an excellent insight into the family album as an historical object with multiple identities.

Professor Elizabeth Edwards is Research Professor of Photographic History and Director of the Photographic History Research Centre, De Montfort University, Leicester. A visual and historical anthropologist, she has worked extensively on the relationships between photography, anthropology and history, on the social practices of photography, on the materiality of photographs and on photography and historical imagination.

The next in the talk in the Media Research Seminar Series will be taking place on Wednesday 11th November, 1pm in Ellen Terry Building, room 130.  This talk will be by Katariina Kyrola, Lecturer in Media Studies University of Turku, Finland.


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