Coming in from the cold: Feminism in Estonia

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LIDW-logo-image-optimisedA group of third year Media and Communications students have just arrived back from a research trip to Tallinn Estonia for their Living in a Digital World module. “Freezing!” was the first one-word summary. “Pastries!” was the second.

The group is researching the ways in which feminism exists within the former Soviet state.

Student Hannah-Jane Albone tells me about her favourite interviewee, a Masters student at Tallinn University called Sandra Müür.

Sandra described her experiences as an Estonian feminist to Hannah and her group. As a young person growing up in the country, she came to shape her beliefs around feminism despite it being an extremely marginalised ideology. Through their discussion, Hannah found that she shared a lot with Sandra in terms of how they see feminism, especially in terms of the postfeminist landscape.

IMG_0310 Hannah-Jane Albone Tallinn

In between the many interviews conducted for their research, the group managed to enjoy some of the city’s culture as they wandered the beautiful cobbled streets in the cold. Hannah and fellow student Nadhirah Nadzri visited Telliskivi market, a flea market behind Balti Jaam, which is the main train station in Tallinn.

Hannah recalls that the market was full of old Soviet era items, including coins, medals, ribbons, electronics, and a scope from a sniper rifle. It was strange to see all these items that would have once been so valued now thrown into piles of junk for 2 or 3 euros.

Back in Coventry, fully defrosted, the group begins the task of reviewing the data they’ve brought home with them. They are now working towards a final Living in a Digital World conference on Tuesday 26th May, where they will present their findings to a wide audience of students, staff, researchers and external guests.

All images by Hannah-Jane Albone.

IMG_0299 Hannah-Jane Albone Tallinn


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