When Jess felt like singing the news

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It’s not often the TV news gets a round of applause.

But it’s not often the newsreader sings the bulletin.

That’s what Jess Sage decided to do for The Lunchbox, the TV magazine programme created by second-year Journalism students at Coventry University.


It could only feature “good news” stories, though, she said: “The stories had to be positive because it wouldn’t be appropriate to sing negative stories.

“I Googled ‘positive news’ because on the BBC you’re not going to get a lot of positivity.

“I just put them in line with the chords I’d written.”

Jess came up with the idea for second edition of The Lunchbox programme, the magazine-style show created as part of the BA Journalism course at Coventry University.

“I thought, ‘What can I do that no one’s done yet?’ I thought yes, I’ll write a song but combine it with the news. It all came together and I quite enjoyed it.”

Jess sang about a baby whose leukaemia had disappeared following cell treatment, rapper Nelly paying to send students to college to get them off the streets, and a couple who asked their wedding gifts to perform acts of kindness instead of giving presents.

It ends (with the chords):

C                         Em                                   G                                                             Em

In other news, everyone, the driest desert in the world is covered in flowers
A couple’s wedding invitation told guests to perform random acts of kindness
The answer is in front of us; show some love throughout the world
If it’s good news that you want, then go out now and spread the word.

Raisa Ismail, the programme editor, said: “I think it’s really fun and really creative, which is what The Lunchbox is supposed to be about.

“It definitely adds a cool edge to the show and it’s a happy way to do the news. It’s a good idea for teenagers – it’ll probably stick more and they’ll end up singing it during the day.”


Other items in the show include the Mobo awards, a nacho-eating challenge, a review of the Belgrade Theatre’s show about the Coventry blitz, Flare Path, and social media trending items.

It’ll appear on this website soon after recording.

Simon Pipe is a former print and BBC journalist, now a member of the Journalism teaching team at Coventry University. He also runs an experimental website, St Helena Online, about one of the world's most remote inhabited islands, at www.sthelenaonline.org On Twitter, when he has something to say, he is @simonpipe

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