Welcome to the School of Media and Performing Arts.

Coventry University School of Media & Performing Arts 2016 from Coventry University SMPA on Vimeo.

This space celebrates and shares the academic work of the students and staff of the Media and Performing Arts courses within the School. It captures and makes visible the best of our vast range of live projects, the outcomes of teaching and learning activities, international activities  and the research and professional practice activities that we all share a hand in making.

This site embodies the teaching and learning philosophy of the School, which is highly forward-looking and aims to: work at the leading edge of media practice; seeks to enable staff and students to work collaboratively to make media and academic content; and vitally, seeks to make that work publicly visible to leverage the strengths of the media environments that our graduates will seek to enter as professionals.

From day one our job is to prepare you for the day that you graduate and for what it will be like to be a media professional then.

We have achieved our vision to provide every first year student in our department with a media technology pack, giving them 24/7 access to the equipment they need.

We provide a safe and mentored environment and gradually we introduce our students to new and evolving global networks. Our courses in Journalism and Media, Media and Communications, Media Production and Photography all offer International and Professional Enhancement opportunities within the curriculum. In one year alone, our students travelled across the globe covering a total of over 130,000 miles on professional experiences, live project and placements.

Our recent achievements include:

Journalist of the Year, Broadcast Journalism Training Council (BJTC) awards 2012 and 2014

Film Society of the Year, British Federation of Film Societies (BFFS) awards 2012

Young Motor Sport Journalist of the Year, Renault Motor Sport Association (MSA) award 2012


Open Media is the term which captures a series of interconnected principles that inform all the work of our department. This is a distinctive, inclusive and strong academic direction and a positive professional and ethical stance for the Department of Media:

Open Media – positive and innovative engagements with new media technologies and new media and cultural forms and relationships; this is ‘open’ in the sense that it adopts a collaborative ethos and makes use of ‘freemium’ and ‘prosumption’ models of media and cultural practice;

Sustainable Professional Practice – building independent (staff and student) professional profiles through newly emerging media practices and relationships, engaging from the outset with new communities of scholarship and practice;

Engagement – the active participation of staff and students in live and transformative projects and with diverse communities of interest, be they professional, academic, cultural, or social. These activities open the university, by linking the delivery of content in traditional formats with projects that have a positive impact on the lives of those inside and outside its walls;

Globally Visible Media and Communication – using emerging media practices and networks to multiply and leverage the scope, scale and impact of our (staff and student) work. Engaging in work that is simultaneously local and global in scope and ensuring that this good work is accessible and visible at the same level;

Open Pedagogies – teaching and learning which is collaborative, media-enabled and expanded. This approach begins by conceiving of the Department as our own community of learning, it makes use of innovative and collaborative learning styles, as well as the contributions of and dialogue with leading scholars and professionals across the globe, evaluates and uses libre material and crowd-sourced knowledge and encourages the strategic and reflective use of new technologies to develop extended communities of learning.

In recent years, with funding from Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) we have sought to champion the use of digital technology to ensure the UK remains world-class in research, teaching and learning:

Living Books About Life is a collaboration between Open Humanities Press and three academic institutions: Coventry University, Goldsmiths, University of London, and the University of Kent;

The Centre for Disruptive Media currently has three main areas of research activity: Open Media; Creative Archiving and Digitisation; and Virtual and Mobile Communications.